Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land (property) from one person or entity to another. As your Conveyancer in Darwin, we act as your representative in the sale or purchase of property via:


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  • Preparing, clarifying and lodging all legal documents required to enable transfer of ownership;


  • Undertake a search of the property's certificate of title and provide and explain to you the relevant information from the Title. When purchasing that information may make an impact on your impression and intentions for the property;


  • Calculate the adjustment of council rates and any applicable levies on settlement, provide you with the use of our trust account to handle funds for deposits paid toward settlement;


  • Liaise with your financial institution in respect to your finance to fund the purchase or the discharging of any mortgage held over Title when selling;

  • Settle the property via attending settlement on your behalf, coordinating your financial institution and the other parties representatives for settlement, advise you when the property is settled as well as the Real Estate Agency (if one is involved) and any other relevant body requiring the knowledge of the transfer of ownership e.g. council, body corporate.

  • Discuss and organise inspection reports for you when purchasing and then act on your behalf in making any request of the Sellers in respect to any unknown issues that may have been raised in those reports.  When selling we’ll represent you and respond to requests from the buyer in conjunction with you and your instructions to us.

  • When requests to extend timeframes under the contract (e.g. finance approval due by date, settlement date) are required for you when purchasing, we attend to making those requests and in turn when selling, we’ll field those requests from the Buyers representatives and discuss them with you before replying on your behalf.